Friday, 14 October 2016

Snow recount

At The Snow
I finish strapping on. I go. Everything becomes a blur. I turn my snowboard to slow down. I did it. Now I am able to  see what I am able to see what I am passing. I'm there.

I spot kayden and yell”Hi Kay…” Smack! My face hits the snow. Kayden laughs out “That was hilarious.” “But Painful .” I mutter to myself as I pull my face out of the snow leaving a face print.I take a shoe off the snow board and pat over the hole with my snow board we hop on the ski lift and get half when it stops after what feels like 24 hours. After having agonizing pain from having dangling snow boards on our legs we reach the top.

To go down the  slope again. Swerving between people me and kayden reach the bottom to have to face the agonizing pain of  of going up the ski lift again, We reach the top and ride down but kayden almost instantly falls over “Haha” I laugh mockingly.

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